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Name of kitTestSample
HIV testHIV-antibodiesfinger-prick blood temporarily unavailable
Hepatitis B testAnti-HBc (Hepatitis B antibodies)finger-prick blood temporarily unavailable
Syphilis testSyphilis antibodiesfinger-prick blood temporarily unavailable
CGT test AChlamydia/Gonorrhoea/Trichomoniasisurine (men) vaginal swab (women)
CGT test BChlamydia/Gonorrhoea/Trichomoniasalanal swab
CGT test CChlamydia/Gonorrhoea/Trichomoniasalorale swab
Chlamydia test A *Chlamydiaurine (men) vaginal swab (women)
Chlamydia test B *Chlamydiaanal swab
Chlamydia test C *Chlamydiaorale swab

Prices *

For ordering: please select a testset 

1 test€ 59,95
2 tests€ 99,95
3 tests€ 139,95
4 tests€ 179,95
5 tests€ 199,95
6 tests€ 219,95
 1 test€ 59,95
 2 tests€ 99,95
 3 tests€ 139,95
 4 tests€ 179,95
 5 tests€ 199,95
 6 tests€ 219,95
 7 tests€ 239,95
 8 tests€ 259,95
 9 tests€ 279,95
 1x chlamydia only€ 34,95
 1 test + 1x chlamydia only€ 94,90
 2 tests + 1x chlamydia only€ 134,90
 3 tests + 1x chlamydia only€ 174,90
 4 tests + 1x chlamydia only€ 214,90
 5 tests + 1x chlamydia only€ 234,90
 6 tests + 1x chlamydia only€ 254,90
 7 tests + 1x chlamydia only€ 274,90
 8 tests + 1x chlamydia only€ 294,90
 9 tests + 1x chlamydia only€ 314,90
 2x chlamydia only€ 69,90
 1 test + 2x chlamydia only€ 129,85
 2 tests + 2x chlamydia only€ 169,85
 3 tests + 2x chlamydia only€ 244,80
 4 tests + 2x chlamydia only€ 249,85
 5 tests + 2x chlamydia only€ 269,85
 6 tests + 2x chlamydia only€ 289,85
 7 tests + 2x chlamydia only€ 303,85
 8 tests + 2x chlamydia only€ 329,85
 9 tests + 2x chlamydia only€ 349,85
 3x chlamydia only€ 104,85
 1 test + 3x chlamydia only€ 164,80
 2 tests + 3x chlamydia only€ 204,80
 3 tests + 3x chlamydia only€ 244,80
 4 tests + 3x chlamydia only€ 284,80
 5 tests + 3x chlamydia only€ 304,80
 6 tests + 3x chlamydia only€ 324,80
 7 tests + 3x chlamydia only€ 344,80
 8 tests + 3x chlamydia only€ 364,80
 9 tests + 3x chlamydia only€ 384,80

* The Chlamydia only tests have a fixed price of € 34,95.

More information about the products can be found under products.

Shipping and administration costs are € 5,95 per package.

Total price including VAT

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A few days after the laboratory receives your samples, you will be able to view the results on a secured page of this website.
If you also wish to be called about your HIV result, please tick the box below and fill in your telephone number. You will be contacted by one of our employees as soon as the result is known.

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Extra info

UPS access point
It is a possible to collect the test kits that you have ordered on this site at a UPS access point of your choice. This way you can be sure that the test kits can be collected anonymously, without the knowledge of any third parties, such as housemates. Please note: Choose a pseudonym carefully: at the UPS access point you will collect your order under this name.
Choose the UPS access point as your desired delivery method and find a UPS access point in your neighbourhood. After placing your order you will automatically be informed when you can pick up the test kit at the UPS access point you selected. For more information, go to the UPS website.

MultiSafePay: secure and anonymous payment
MultiSafePay is an online wallet with which you can pay for your order. Because you pay from this wallet, your payment will remain anonymous. Only the name MulitSafePay and STA will be mentioned on your bank statement.
You upload the wallet with iDeal or MasterCard. Of course you can also pay per order. More information on the website of MultiSafePay.

Safe payments with MultiSafePay

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