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Test guide

Determining which STD test you need depends on your age, the type of sexual contact you had (anal, vaginal, oral), with whom (men, women, both sexes, with someone abroad) and how often you had sexual intercourse.

Answering the following questions will provide you with advice on which test you need. This advice is based on statistics of the Dutch population and is therefore merely an indication. Depending on your personal circumstances other risks and therefore other choices might apply.

Please answer the following questions

What is your sex?

Have you had unprotected sexual contact?

Are you older than 25 years?

Have you had sexual contact with partners older than 25?

Have you had sexual contact with men?

Have you had sexual contact with:

  • Someone who is HIV positive?
  • A prostitute?
  • Someone that uses (injected) drugs?
  • A partner from an African country south of the Sahara, the Caribbean area, Latin America, Eastern Europe of Southeast Asia

Are you paid for sex?

Are you a swinger?

Have you ever injected drugs?

Have you had risky sex in the past 3 days? Risky sex is:

  • Unprotected anal sexual contact, in which the penis of your sex partner enters your anus.
  • Unprotected vaginal sexual contact during your period, in which the penis of your sex partner enters your vagina.
  • Unwanted sex (rape)

Did you receive anal sex (the penis of your sex partner entered your anus)?

Have you given oral sex to a man? (the penis of your sex partner entered your mouth)

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The test can never confirm with certainty that you do not have an STD at the present time. Tests can only identify STD and HIV infections some time after a person has been infected (this is called the incubation period). This incubation period can differ per person and per test; see the list below. You know best when you might have been infected. If the test result is negative within the incubation period then we recommend repeating the test.

STDIncubation period
Chlamydia1-3 weeks
Gonorrhoea2-5 days
Syphilis3-4 weeks
Trichomoniasis1-4 weeks
Hepatitis B2-3 months
HIV1-3 months