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Testing procedure

Certainty about STDs and HIV in seven steps


1. Whether to test for STDs and/or HIV?
There are various reasons to test yourself for STDs and/or HIV, such as:
  • You had unsafe sexual contact or the condom tore during sex. This might worry you and you might be afraid you contracted an STD.
  • You were warned by a sex partner who was diagnosed with an STD.
  • You are in a committed relationship and want to stop using condoms during sexual intercourse. It is wise for both partners to get tested for STDs, just in case.

If you have any physical symptoms, we advise you to go to your general practitioner or an STD centre. If your general practitioner confirms you have or most likely have an STD, treatment is often started immediately.
In all other cases, the STD sampling kit is a solution that provides you with certainty about STDs and HIV in an easy and private way.

2. When to test for STDs and/or HIV?
If you have any physical symptoms, it is advisable to immediately get yourself tested. If you don’t have any symptoms, but had unprotected sexual contact, you will have to wait at least 2 weeks before taking an STD test. Only then can a test confirm with certainty that you do not have an STD. Only three months after having unprotected sexual contact can an HIV test confirm with certainty whether you were infected or not.

3. Which STD to test for?
You can find more information on the various STDs on the STD info page. You might already know exactly which STD test you want to take, for example if you were with a sexual partner who turned out to have a particular STD. Maybe you only want to test yourself for HIV. Most people just want to be sure, for example when they start a new relationship or had unprotected sexual contact. In these cases, our STD test guide offers you a solution.

4. Ordering and anonymity?
Your details are safe with us. Third parties have no access to your details and great care is taken to protect your privacy. For an STD sampling kit, we need a name, your sex and date of birth. For logistical purposes you will need to provide us with an e-mail address and a postal address to send the sampling kit to in a neutral packaging. You can pay by credit card or through iDeal. Your bank will only receive communication from MultiSafepay and STA.
If you desire even greater privacy, you can:
  • use a pseudonym
  • create a temporary e-mail address, e.g. via Gmail.
  • provide a different postal address for sending the sampling kit. This may be a P.O. Box, the address of a friend or a collection point for packages. You will be required to identify yourself at such a collection point, but you can collect the package on behalf of someone else (the pseudonym). There are collection points all over the Netherlands.

5. Sending
After we have processed your payment you will receive an e-mail with a login code for the secured page of this website, where you will later be able to view the test results. The STD sampling kit will be sent t you on the same or next working day after you receive the e-mail, depending on the time of ordering.

6. The STD sampling kit
Take your time reading the instruction and taking the test, especially if this is the first time you are using the STD sampling kit. A video manual illustrating how to take the test is also available. Most people taking the test for the first time spend approximately 15 minutes doing so. Most people who have already used the STD sampling kit before spend approximately 10 minutes taking the test.

7. Results within 5 working days
You will receive an e-mail as soon as the result is known. You can then use your login code to access the secure page of the website to view your results.